About S/PA

The Student/Partner Alliance is a non-sectarian, non-profit organization, 501(c)3, offering concerned individuals, corporations and foundations a way to help economically disadvantaged but determined young people from New Jersey’s inner cities obtain their high school diplomas from a private school in their neighborhoods, through a combination of financial and personal support.

The program creates a supportive relationship between students and individuals who agree to provide the students with tuition assistance for four years at private high schools. The program serves inner-city northern New Jersey focusing on Newark, Jersey City, Bayonne, Montclair, and Elizabeth.

The public schools in these areas have not demonstrated a strong record of success in educating their students.  60- 69% of entering students graduate from high school.  However, the eight private schools supported by Student/Partner Alliance (S/PA) have graduation rates in excess of 95% and provide educational, supportive and safe environments.

There are numerous scholarships available for qualified, disadvantaged college applicants.  The issue becomes how will high school students achieve the grades and test scores while in high school that will qualify them for these college scholarship opportunities? 

The objective of Student/Partner Alliance is to enable inner-city high school students to achieve an excellent high school education and test scores which will enable them to gain acceptance and be successful in a four year college, providing them an opportunity to participate productively and successfully in American society.