The objective of the Student/Partner Alliance is to enable inner-city high school students to achieve an excellent high school education and test scores which will enable them to enroll in college.  S/PA is based on the premise that education is the greatest means to self-sufficiency.  There are numerous scholarships available for qualified, disadvantaged college applicants.  The problem is enabling these students to achieve the grades and test scores that will qualify them for these opportunities.

Student/Partner Alliance:

  • Assists motivated, at risk students obtain a strong, academic and values-based education
  • Provides a direct and meaningful way for concerned individuals from the community to give back to their greater communities by furthering the education of our youth
  • Recruits like-minded “partners” willing to provide a four year personal and financial commitment to S/PA eligible youth
  • Recruits “mentors” who are willing to provide a four year personal commitment to mentoring S/PA scholarship recipients
  • Creates relationships between students and “partners”/”mentors”
  • Affiliates with schools that prepare students to be “college ready” within four years of high school.
  • Affiliates with school that are academic, disciplined and nurturing