Marist High School’s 3rd Annual Student/Partner Alliance Holiday Party

On January 6th, Randy Reitz and Kenny Gathers from Comcast National Accounts, attended the Student/Partner Alliance Annual Holiday Party at Marist High School in Bayonne, New Jersey. The Student/Partner Alliance ( is an organization offering economically disadvantaged young people from New Jersey’s inner cities a way to obtain their high school diplomas from a private school in their neighborhoods through a combination of financial and personal support through mentoring.

The well-attended event involved parents, teachers, mentors, community members, and students.  Randy and Kenny were able to introduce over 150 people to the Comcast Internet Essentials program, providing literature to every parent and student who was in attendance.


This is the fourth year that the program was brought to the Student/Partner Alliance. They have already been asked to present at next year’s event. Both Randy and Kenny were overwhelmed by the appreciative parents and students. Randy said, “We had a great time talking with some great people that attended.  This was our fourth year so we are seeing some freshman about to graduate and go to college. It is inspiring to meet with these families who have faced so many challenges. To affect their education by providing affordable Internet and homework support makes me proud to be an Ambassador.”


Kenny agreed saying, “Access to bridge the communication gap will enable less fortunate students and families an opportunity to continuously increase their knowledge. I’m proud to be in a company that embraces its’ community and provides the resources to be successful”.



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