Judith W Taggart

Judy W. Taggart


Judith W Taggart, Secretary to the Board of Trustees

Student/Partner Alliance


Judy Taggart has a professional background in Advertising Sales and Marketing.  Retired from the magazine publishing business (GQ magazine), Judy has recently focused on volunteer activities at Student/Partner Alliance (S/PA) and as President of the Parents’ Association at Morristown Beard School.

Judy has been a partner/mentor to three S/PA students over 12 years, and joined the Board in 2009.  Judy has brought to the S/PA Board a keen understanding of student concerns and knowledge of academic issues. She has coordinated an important S/PA student-partner event at the Greater Newark Nature Conservancy for the past three years.

The Taggarts reside in Summit, NJ with their two teen-age sons.