About Mentors: 

A Mentor is an individual who wishes to provide emotional support to a student via periodic personal contact, involvement in S/PA organized activities and mentoring, but is unable to provide the financial support.  Mentors are often S/PA alumni who wish to give back by providing the guidance they were given as a S/PA student.  Student/Partner Alliance provides materials, training and administrative support to Mentors via a Mentor Training Workshop each September and a special Partner/Mentor Handbook.

A Mentor:

  • maintains contact with and provides mentoring to the student partner on a regular basis
  • receives mentor training and support from Student/Partner Alliance
  • receives academic updates via periodic report cards
  • is invited to a variety of S/PA events which provide opportunities to meet  with his/her student
  • is contacted on a periodic basis by his/her student partner

Partners, of course, continue in their role as providers of financial and mentoring support.  This remains the primary relationship within Student/Partner Alliance.  With the Junior Mentoring Program, however, a third category has emerged; that of the “Sponsor”.  A “Sponsor” is a concerned individual who will support the student financially, but cannot provide the mentoring  support.  His/her student will now be matched up with a Mentor who is committed to providing that personal connection. This step in the growth of Student/Partner Alliance brings us closer to offering our students the most comprehensive support system possible within our means.

The Student/Partner Alliance Young Professionals Network

S/PA YPN is a group of young professionals from the NY/NJ area who provide support to the Student/Partner Alliance ( by mentoring local high school students and  organizing casual, fun social events. The events are an opportunity for young professionals to socialize, network, and support a great cause in the process!  #meet.mentor.more

The organization we support, the Student/Partner Alliance, is a non-sectarian, non-profit organization, 501(c)3, offering concerned individuals, corporations and foundations a way to help economically disadvantaged but determined young people from New Jersey’s urban centers obtain their high school diplomas from a private school in their neighborhoods. This is achieved through a combination of financial scholarships and personal support via S/PA’s mentor network.

2017-2018 Mentor Application 

Mentor Handbook