Mentoring Tips (Academic) – Junior Year

This year’s focus should be sustaining high academic performance supplemented with some extra-curricular activities.  In addition, there should be a concentrated effort to seek out employment for the summer.

Topics for discussion

  • Encourage your student to strive for academic success. Remind her that junior year is the big chance to shine.
  • Prospective colleges. Start making a list based on features that are important to the student.  Live at home or at college?  Distance from home?  City vs. rural?  State school vs. private?  Possible majors?
  • Start to make a list of financial aid opportunities
  • Register and prepare for SAT, SAT II subject tests, ACT. Investigate test prep courses near school and home and study materials.
  • What are options for summer employment/internship
  • Summer employment or activities
    • Resources to find opportunities
    • Interview Skills
    • How to fill out an application and interview for a job
    • Keep in touch over the summer to see how things are going.
  • When report cards are sent out
    • Praise any strong performance—grades, attendance, etc.
    • Encourage seeking extra help where grades are weak

Suggested Activities

  • Surf college websites together
  • Make a timeline of deadlines for testing and college applications
  • Make a list of what is needed to apply to college: essays, letters of recommendation, test scores
  • Write a resume and cover letter
  • Fill out a mock job application
  • Conduct a mock interview
  • Career inventory/make a list of appealing careers

Getting together:

  • S/PA activities – Please communicate with your student in advance so that you know whether to see one another at the events.
  • “Get to know you” breakfast or lunch is held early in the fall. You will have a chance to sit and talk with your student.
  • Community service and enrichment events – we usually have one in fall and one in the spring. All S/PA students are expected to attend and it is a great opportunity to spend time doing something fulfilling together.  Past activities have included the FoodBank of New Jersey, All Stars Program of New Jersey, the Greater Newark Conservancy
  • January – All students, mentors, and families are welcome to attend the S/PA Winter Holiday party.
  • Extracurricular activities—If your student welcomes you, attend sport events, plays, and special events.