Students who demonstrate a desire to be successful and to continue their education beyond high school are accepted into the S/PA program.   Priority is given to students from families with low incomes or those relying on public assistance.


Prospective students must complete an application which is available through S/PA affiliated high schools.  Counselors at our partner schools assist in evaluating a student’s eligibility.  Applications are due February 15, 2018 for the 2018-2019 school year.


Our students and their families:
  • Represent motivated, but financially “at-risk” youth
  • 85% come from single parent homes
  • Parent incomes range from $10,000 to $40,000/yr
  • 55% are African American, 30% are Hispanic/Latino, 10% are African/Caribbean, 10% are “other”
  • Not necessarily the top academically performing students
  • Accepted without regard to race, religion or ethnicity

Student application 2018-2019








Each student is paired with an adult who will serve as his/her mentor, providing personal contact and support.  In most cases, this individual is the same adult who is providing the financial support as well.

This dedicated person is termed a “Partner”.  Students and their partners establish a relationship which extends throughout the four years of the student’s high school career.  “Sponsors” contribute financial support without any mentoring component.  Individuals and Corporations/Foundations contributing directly to students’ tuitions are in this category.  Those students paired with a Sponsor are also paired with a “Mentor“, who provides the personal contact and support.



The combination of a private school education and the influence of a mentoring partner increases graduation rate and college entrance rates.

  • S/PA boasts a 99% high school graduation rate as compared to a 65 – 69% graduation rate for students at non-private schools in the same localities.
  • 98% of S/PA graduates continue their education at an institute of higher learning
  • S/PA graduates are the recipients of hundreds of thousands of dollars of scholarships to colleges, universities and vocational programs annually.

Student Obligation/Responsibility

  • Maintaining his/her academics and positive student life by following his/her schools’ guidelines.
  • Maintaining communication with his/her partner and/or mentor
  • Participation in Student/Partner Alliance events


  • More than 2000 students have graduated from private high schools through the tuition assistance and mentoring provided by Student/Partner Alliance since 1993.
  •  Junior Mentoring Program utilizes the guidance and mentoring capabilities of S/PA graduates to participate in the roll of Mentor to S/PA students.