Bruce and Susan Reitz hosted 38 adults and 4 children at the 35th Annual Bunk’s Fun Run on Sunday, December 8th. Their college friends, neighbors, Board Members, staff, and other Student/Partner Alliance(S/PA) supporters raised close to $13,000 for scholarships for students.

Bruce and his wife Susan, both long-time mentors at S/PA who have mentored students at Immaculate Conception, run two fundraising events each year to support the organization, Bunk’s Fun Run in December and Bunk’s Golf Outing in June.  The 13th Annual Bunk’s Golf Tournament held at Galloping Hill Golf Course in Kenilworth was largest golf event to date, raising $45,000, making the total net raised from all Bunk’s events for S/PA over $300,000! Bruce’s passionate commitment to S/PA has motivated friends and colleagues to support the organization financially and as mentors.

It was a beautiful sunny day for the run and runners and walkers enjoyed the exercise and the meal that followed. This year’s winners were Debbie and Ajay Nagpal and 4-year old Isla. Susan and her team of amazing cooks and bakers presented a feast after the event, and many warmed up outside by the firepit.