Helping to Prepare Our Mentors For a Year of Great Success

This summer/fall, S/PA welcomed 15 new Partners/Mentors! We are thrilled that we have attracted new mentors to join our current group of dedicated and engaged mentors. Many were present at our Mentor Training workshop on September 25th to learn about mentoring teenage students in general; and about mentoring through Student/Partner Alliance!

Those Partners and Mentors who have been involved with S/PA for one or many years shared their experiences, observations and “tips” which proved to be very beneficial to all. Patrick Fennell, President and Founder of Empowerment Solutions, presented important information that generated lively discussion about ‘boundaries’, ‘digital natives’ or the iGeneration and ‘expectations.’

A new Mentor remarked that she found the workshop quite valuable because she now understands the
“overall framework of S/PA and the (development of) the student-mentor relationship.”