The class of 2023 gathered on Saturday, September 21st to learn what to expect from being a part of Student/Partner Alliance.  Parents and students were split into different groups to hear the particulars that most related to them.  Students came to better understand what and who a mentor is with the help of professional speaker and mentor trainer, Patrick Fennell.  They each received the name and contact information of their mentor for the next 4 years.  Then, through some role play, they were allowed to imagine what their first meeting with this new mentor might be like.

Parents also had a chance to learn from Patrick Fennell as he discussed mentoring from the parents’ perspective. He explained how our mentors are chosen and matched up with their children, what our mentors learn about S/PA and went over our guidelines for participation and support. Everyone left with a clear understanding of what to expect from their child’s relationship with a S/PA mentor.  New parents had many questions and parents returning with a new child starting in the S/PA program were able to add personal experienced insight into this new relationship.  Logistics such as responsibilities, scholarship payments to the schools and communication with S/PA were also covered.