“Networking becomes even more valuable as you get deeper into a new endeavor,” one of our experienced mentors explained.  She was referring to why she decided to come to S/PA’s first Wine & Cheese Networking Event.  Designed as a chance for any S/PA mentor who was interested – regardless of his/her range of experience in the art of mentoring – the event proved to be enlightening for all!  Mentors were able to meet each other and share ideas, frustrations and successes about their experiences with their student(s).  

Guest speaker Patrick Fennell presented an excellent lecture, “Relationship Building” which served as a springboard for more discussion about relationships in general – and the mentor – student relationship in particular.  Although everyone looks forward to spending time with their student, this ‘adults only’ venue provided a great opportunity for learning how to strengthen the mentoring skills so important to our confidence as mentors.  Judging from the positive response, S/PA will be having another networking event for sure!