Become Part of Our Mission

Student/Partner Alliance supports inner city high school students in New Jersey with private school tuition assistance and mentoring to increase their chances for college admission and scholarships, and to ultimately lead successful and productive lives.

Through tuition assistance from S/PA, students obtain a strong education at a quality private high school. Mentoring provided through contact with partners increases the students’ chance for success. 98% of S/PA students graduate from high school, with 95% of those students continuing their education beyond high school. S/PA transforms the path of students’ lives. 



Concerned individuals impact students’ high school experience as partners, sponsors or mentors. Partners provide financial and mentoring assistance, Sponsors offer financial assistance and Mentors contribute individual attention and guidance to students. Personal connection is one way that sets S/PA apart from most other scholarship programs. Communities benefit from the academic and social advancement of at-risk students. All associated with the Student/Partner Alliance  benefit from this unique arrangement.



Funding from 23 Corporations  and Foundations is of vital importance in fulfilling S/PA’s mission of providing tution assistance to economically disadvantaged students by supporting  the organization via scholarship, operating and special projects donations. Support has resulted in over 1500 students benefitting from S/PA scholarships.  Support from a variety of sources help S/PA transform students’ lives for the better.




The private schools associated with Student/ Partner Alliance offer students a strong academic and values-based education.  Nurturing and supportive environments at our partner schools provide S/PA students with a better chance for personal and academic success.  In association with quality schools, S/PA transforms the path of students’ lives.