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S/PA Empowers Students from Urban Areas to Achieve Excellence





Student/Partner Alliance





S/PA Encourages Self-Confidence in Students through Mentoring Support




Student/Partner Alliance




S/PA Increases Youth from Urban Areas Chances for College Admission




Welcome to Student / Partner Alliance

If you are looking to support educational opportunities or to get a top quality education, we can help. Through a combination of private high school tuition assistance and mentoring support, the Student / Partner Alliance empowers high school students from Northern New Jersey’s urban areas to achieve success by attending strong academic and nurturing college preparatory high-schools.


of S/PA scholarship recipients graduate from their high school


of S/PA students are accepted in college

About S/PA

For twenty-five years, S/PA has supported motivated urban high school students at private Catholic high schools in New Jersey’s Essex and Hudson counties. S/PA is unique among Northern New Jersey scholarship organizations because we provide both tuition assistance and mentoring support for urban youth. This pairing of financial and personal support has resulted in a 100% high school graduation and college enrollment rate for S/PA students over the past five academic years.

Get Involved

There are many ways you can help:

Become a Partner and provide both tuition assistance and mentorship.
Become a Mentor and offer only guidance and coaching.
Become a Sponsor and provide tuition assistance.
Join our Young Professional Network (YPN) and mentor a student.

S/PA Student/Mentor Spotlight

S/PA Partners and Mentors come from many communities in NJ.  Mentoring is a powerful way to positively impact a young person’s life by forming a close connection over the course of 4 years. Here are a few mentor-student profiles that demonstrate the power of mentoring:



From Our Students / Partners
Patrice, Immaculate '19
Thank you guys for continuing to support my education these past 4 years. Without you guys Immaculate would not of been in reach. I appreciate all of your hard work.
Eliana, Benedictine Academy '18
"I'd like to thank my mentor for everything she has done for me. She has shown dedication and interest in my future. I will be forever grateful for her sharing her time and experience."
Joe, Mentor
"My student is a fabulous guy! I really enjoy getting together with him. He was very quiet initially, with a lack of confidence and quite unsure of what I was doing in his life. Over the past three years his confidence has grown, and as a result, his ability to ...
Ann, Partner and Mentor
"Being a mentor has been more enlightening and satisfying than I ever would have thought! I have gained so much more than I ever imagined from this experience."
Chrishena, Marist'17
"I cannot express my gratitude to Student/Partner Alliance for my education! I have been gifted....none of this would have been possible with you and my amazing mentor, Julie!"

Benefits of an Education

Lifetime earnings of an individual with a BA are more than double an individual
who did not finish high school!