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S/PA Empowers Students from Urban Areas to Achieve Excellence





Student/Partner Alliance





S/PA Encourages Self-Confidence in Students through Mentoring Support




Student/Partner Alliance




S/PA Increases Youth from Urban Areas Chances for College Admission




Welcome to Student / Partner Alliance

If you are looking to support educational opportunities or to get a top quality education, we can help. Through a combination of private high school tuition assistance and mentoring support, the Student / Partner Alliance empowers high school students from Northern New Jersey’s urban areas to achieve success by attending strong academic and nurturing college preparatory high-schools.


of S/PA scholarship recipients graduate from their high school


of S/PA students are accepted in college

About S/PA

For twenty-five years, S/PA has supported motivated urban high school students at private Catholic high schools in New Jersey’s Essex and Hudson counties. S/PA is unique among Northern New Jersey scholarship organizations because we provide both tuition assistance and mentoring support for urban youth. This pairing of financial and personal support has resulted in a 100% high school graduation and college enrollment rate for S/PA students over the past five academic years.

Get Involved

There are many ways you can help:

Become a Partner and provide both tuition assistance and mentorship.
Become a Mentor and offer only guidance and coaching.
Become a Sponsor and provide tuition assistance.
Join our Young Professional Network (YPN) and mentor a student.

S/PA Student/Mentor Spotlight

S/PA Partners and Mentors come from many communities in NJ.  Mentoring is a powerful way to positively impact a young person’s life by forming a close connection over the course of 4 years. Here are a few mentor-student profiles that demonstrate the power of mentoring:



From Our Students / Partners
Joe, Mentor
"My student is a fabulous guy! I really enjoy getting together with him. He was very quiet initially, with a lack of confidence and quite unsure of what I was doing in his life. Over the past three years his confidence has grown, and as a result, his ability to ...
Eliana, Benedictine Academy '18
"I'd like to thank my mentor for everything she has done for me. She has shown dedication and interest in my future. I will be forever grateful for her sharing her time and experience."
Patrice, Immaculate '19
Thank you guys for continuing to support my education these past 4 years. Without you guys Immaculate would not of been in reach. I appreciate all of your hard work.
Chrishena, Marist'17
"I cannot express my gratitude to Student/Partner Alliance for my education! I have been gifted....none of this would have been possible with you and my amazing mentor, Julie!"
Ann, Partner and Mentor
"Being a mentor has been more enlightening and satisfying than I ever would have thought! I have gained so much more than I ever imagined from this experience."

Benefits of an Education

Lifetime earnings of an individual with a BA are more than double an individual
who did not finish high school!