Support a Student

 Become a Partner

A Partner is a concerned and caring individual willing to make a four-year commitment of a $3000 per year scholarship to help provide an urban student with a private school education in the greater Newark/Jersey City area. The Partner also agrees to mentor their supported student through the student’s four years of high school. We are proud that 100% of Partner contributions go toward their student’s tuition. 

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Partners are provided with mentor training, mentor resources and support from the Student/Partner Alliance staff. Throughout the academic year, events are organized to bring Partners and students together in a group setting.

To become a Partner, please complete the Partner Application Form

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 Become a Mentor

A Mentor is a trusted and experienced individual willing to make a four-year commitment to provide coaching and advice to an urban student attending a college-preparatory high school in the great Newark/Jersey City area.  

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No financial support is expected. Mentors are sometimes S/PA alumni who wish to give back by providing the guidance they were given as a S/PA student.

Mentors will be provided with mentor training, mentor resources and support from the Student/Partner Alliance staff. Throughout the academic year, events are held to bring Mentors and students together in a group setting.

To become a Mentor, please complete the Mentor Application Form.

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 Join SPN

The S/PA Professionals Network (SPN) is a group of young professionals from the NY/NJ area who provide support to the Student/Partner Alliance by mentoring students and organizing casual, fun social events. The events are an opportunity for young professionals to socialize, network, and support a great cause in the process.  SPN also serves as an opportunity for current mentors to introduce S/PA to potential new mentors, while sharing the great story of S/PA and its students.

Support Reitz Events

Reitz events started in December of 1982, when Bunk (Bruce) and Susan Reitz, along with several of their friends, decided to get some exercise and jump into the holiday spirit by donning Bunk’s Fun Run Christmas t-shirts, running around Brookdale Park, and finishing up with holiday food and grog. Needless to say, a great time was had by all! The next day, one friend suggested that they collect money and donate the proceeds to a local charity as part of the holiday season. Thus, a tradition was born.


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In 1997, Bunk and Susan learned of an organization called Student/Partner Alliance that provided scholarships for financially disadvantaged inner city students in nearby Newark. Bunk called S/PA, he and Susan liked the mission and S/PA became Bunk’s Fun Run’s charity.  In addition, Bunk started mentoring students.

At the urging of their nephew Connor Fee to create a midyear fundraiser for more scholarships, Bunk’s Golf was born in 2007. This event has grown over the years from 27 to over 125 golfers! Since 2000, Bruce and his wife have personally mentored over 20 students and their events have supported over 100 scholarships for students at Montclair’s Immaculate Conception High School, where Bruce joined the Board.

100% of the funds from Reitz events go to support scholarships. You can support Reitz Events, by registering for the annual golf event or sponsoring the event. Please contact: for more information.

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Make a Difference

For nearly 30 years, our program has stood out for its unique combination of mentoring and tuition assistance for under-served, urban high school students in northern New Jersey. Over the past 10 years, 100% of our students graduated from high school and gained admission to college, post-secondary school, or the armed services, thereby providing a critical step toward breaking the cycle of poverty.


YOU can make a difference by supporting a student.

Benefits of a Mentor

Research shows a young adult who has a mentor is 55% more likely to enroll in college and 46% less likely to start using illegal drugs.  (